Buy 13 shares of SLV at 14.95

That’s all once again.


Buy 40 shares of NNVC at 2.29

That’s all for now. Clearly, there are not enough hours in the day.

Buying 7 units of SLV at $15.19

That’s all for now, unfortunately.

BUY 6 units of SLV at 16.63

We continue to be too busy to have a beer. Perhaps you can have one in our stead?

BUY 87 units of NNVC at $2.57

Happy New Year!

Well, after last year’s sub-par results, Mr Beerver hopes to do better in 2015. To that end, he’ll be buying 87 units of NNVC at $2.57.

Their new lab is complete. NNVC has purchased it at cost from their leasor. They are awaiting the first tox results and getting ready to produce cides from their new lab. There are so many exciting things to look forward to here in 2015!

Buying AUY

So, this month Mr Beerver is buying up 30 shares of AUY at 3.92$.

Gold’s taken a beating and despite a year’s worth of very successful trades, Mr Beerver has only a 7% annualized return to show for his work while the S&P returned 10% YTD. Something to think about there, isn’t it. Still, people choose stocks because they think they can do it better than their peers… some can and some can’t but very few can over a long time period. We’ll see how Mr Beerver fares over a number of years and if it was worth it or not.

Well, Time to Buy yet MORE Silver ETF Shares.

Mr Beerver will be buying 6 more shares of SLV at the price of 14.97$.