How do I get more Free Beer?

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I’m hoping to make this blog a useful resource for college students and newly graduated workers who are faced with the ONE all-consuming basic question that has bewildered mankind since antiquity: How do I get more free beer?

I’ll look at the classic approaches, including mooching off friends, family and future generations, looking pretty at a bar, coupon-cutting and point-cards, to more esoteric approaches like fixed drinking games and The Tall Tale Challenge until finally, we’ll get to the true meat of the matter.

You’ll notice that the site is called the Beer-Vestor… as in investor. The sad truth is that Robert Heinlein was absolutely correct in his assertion about free-lunches. The other sad truth is that investing is such a psychologically loaded word, it’s scary. It has just about as much baggage associated with it as beer does!

The last time I tried to start an interactive experiment on the subject, it completely flamed out. I alienated friends and family and generally damaged my reputation as an upright sort of guy.

You may have taken umbrage at some of what I called the classic and esoteric approaches to getting free beer. If so, GREAT! I personally find many of those entirely unsavory. But I mentioned those because just as some people may find mooching to be the sign of a lazy and irresponsible person, the same has been said of me for trying to get ahead by investing.

There’s that loaded word again. It just drains the fizz right out of the day for some people! Personally, I think that it was sullied by a bunch of beer-swilling rich guys in suits pushing laws that allowed them to get whole kegs of free beer at the expense of the average Larry at Moe’s Tavern.

And yet, sullied as the word may be, it’s a necessity now with 401(k) plans. We have by default all become money managers, whether we like it or not. Detroit’s default is only the most recent example of why it’s foolish to depend on anyone else for our free beer. The government will at some point shut off the taps at the Pension Fund Bar and we’ll soon have to find another place to mooch from OR become self-directed money managers to ensure the flow of beer continues.

Despite this brave new reality painfully few of us are prepared to handle our own finances or have much of an idea on how to get free beer. For this I like to blame the education system that doesn’t teach the basics of money as a required subject… but that’s another bone of contention between my friends and I.

So, to recap, we’ll talk about mooching, investing, politics, the economy, beer and the ethical/moral issues around all of these things. Bear with me as I distill this rather wide range of topics.

As a teaser of things to come, here’s one stock that I hope will bring me whole kegs of free beer in my old-age: ISCO.ob. International Stem Cell Corporation.

I’ll do a full write-up about them later but for now know that my 2013 investable funds will be going to that pick at today’s price of 15cents/share.

Oh right…


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About Beer Vestor

I like beer. I like free beer better. With this blog, I want to show you the process I use to get free beer. Follow along if you like but remember that this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! Nothing here is is to be taken seriously and if you lose money in your quest for free beer, it's 100% your own fault for following along with someone who is NOT AN INVESTMENT REGISTERED ANYTHING and who BUYS first and talks about it LATER!

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