The Gahan House Iron Horse Brown Ale

To put you in the mood for a beer review, here’s a commercial from someone who is not YET our sponsor:

The Iron Horse

I discovered this lovely beer in my travels earlier this year when I went out to Prince Edward Island. Gahan House is a well-known micro-brewery here. In fact it is the ONLY brewery on the Island. It opened in 1997 and has prospered ever since with its world-class handcrafted beers.

I had the pleasure of trying out their Iron Horse at one of the many lobster dinner-places that dot the Island. It was the best drink I had all summer and the best beer overall I’ve ever had.

The beer came in a 500ml bottle which I poured into a pint glass. It gave off about two fingers of creamy head and had a nice deep amber-brown body.

It has mild carbonation, a nice nutty taste and is mildly bitter. This one’s got character and went very well with the lobster.

It’s the kind of beer to slowly enjoy over a relaxed meal rather than university-party material.

So if you’re ever around PEI and you want to try something to drink off the beaten path, have an Iron Horse!

And now for something completely different.

I know I said there wouldn’t be a peep about investments but as often happens, something came up.

ISCO has had a wild ride from 0.15 to 0.22 and now right back down to 0.15 since I recommended it.

In the interim, some interesting things happened:

Positive: Good Parkinsons results.

Negative: The European courts decided bunt on the ISCO patentability issue and pass it onto to a higher court. Perhaps naively, this was NOT what I had expected them to do. I think their chances of getting a favorable ruling in Europe is now considerably lessened and the risk in this stock just increased a lot.. Perhaps more than I would like. Still holding but I will re-evaluate the situation if the price reaches 0.30 cents.

Positive: The CEO and a director have together acquired some 3 million shares yesterday. That’s always nice to see and is very reassuring.


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