Sleeman’s Cream Ale Review

Alright, last week’s talk of inflation was pretty depressing so this week I’ll just talk about beer!

While I was in University, beer was just that… beer. When I went to a bar with my classmates, we would just order a pitcher or two of whatever they had available. Molson, Canadian, Budweiser, 50… it was all the same to us.

I thought beer had a fairly universal basic taste with little notable variation to it. There was nothing really exciting to it but it was good to down with some fish&chips every now and then.

It wasn’t until my 2nd year that I was introduced to craft beer. My teacher ordered a Sleeman Cream Ale and I felt like trying something I hadn’t had before so I got one as well.

“Hey Wow! Beer can be something other than sour or bitter! It doesn’t need a chemical flavor to it!”, I thought. That’s it, I was hooked. Sleeman’s was the beer for me!

My favorite of the Sleeman lineup is the first one I tried, the Cream Ale. It pours a generous white head and the beer itself is golden-coloured and lightly carbonated.

It has a bit of a lemony smell to it and is very drinkable. The mouthfeel is creamy, as it should be. Not watery.

I especially like it for its crispness and lack of aftertaste although it certainly doesn’t offer a very varied taste. To me, it’s far better than the other big boys but not nearly on par with Gahan House’s brew. Still, it’s a reliable brand that goes quite nicely with a good piece of cod and unlike some other tasty beers, it’s readily available in Eastern-Canada

Sleeman’s has also had an interesting history. They started up in 1834, called it quits come prohibition a hundred years later and then the founder’s great grandson tried again in 1988. The re-start used family recipes and through acquisitions grew to be Canada’s 3rd biggest brewer. In 2006 it was acquired by Sapporo Brewery, so the Legendary Beer vid I put up a while back may have in fact been showing the creation of Sleeman’s Cream Ale!


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