Buying 100$ More of NNVC at $3.20

Wow, NNVC just can’t catch a break. A few months ago, it was an article from Seeking Alpha and this time it’s a rumour of foreclosure on their new plant. I dare say someone has it in for the share price!

I am confident that both reports present the company in an inaccurate light and that this is a buying opportunity.

Mr Beerver’s buying up more stock and increasing the risk-level of his portfolio as a result. That’s money that should be going to the REIT but there you have it… Mr Beerver’s a bit of a gambler and he plans to sell these shares when they hit 6.40$.


About Beer Vestor

I like beer. I like free beer better. With this blog, I want to show you the process I use to get free beer. Follow along if you like but remember that this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! Nothing here is is to be taken seriously and if you lose money in your quest for free beer, it's 100% your own fault for following along with someone who is NOT AN INVESTMENT REGISTERED ANYTHING and who BUYS first and talks about it LATER!

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