No Time for Beer!? Not Even a Video!?

Last week, I shocked an old friend of mine. Thunderstruck him, really.

He gave me a bottle of his favorite beer… and I didn’t drink it.

I know it’s going to be an awesome experience because he knows his beer better than I. He’s been drinking the stuff longer than I’ve been alive. And yet, I didn’t drink the beer. Shocking ain’t it?

I sent him an e-mail telling him that I was too busy on SUNDAY to drink his beer. Something’s wrong here!

Starting from next week, I’ll be cutting down on my writing here. It’s not going to be a regular once-a-week blog. I’ll still update Mr Beerver’s trades and talk about his portfolio and life-choices but it’ll be more sporadic until my next study-break.

Study break!? Why, yes. I am in fact a university lecturer writing about a fictional student of mine! (One I could have a beer with on the occasional Friday night!) This year, my institute doubled my course load and along with doubling my salary, halved my free-time. Mr Beerver will be one of the casualties of the time-crunch. Sadly, the other casualty will be my beer-intake.

Anyhow… An update on the portfolio!

NNVC is currently criminally underpriced. Anything under $3.50 is an absolute buy.

AUY just played Knight-in-Shining-Armour to another gold-miner and deserves to be over $10. Anything under that is a steal.

ISCO just made inroads in Mexico’s cosmetics market and should get a boost out of the ridiculously low valuation it has today. Already up some 6%, it has room to go. Anything under $0.20 is a great deal. I’d buy it all under $0.25 with the caveat that the bad news from Europe may be yet to come. The court decision on whether parthenotes are patentable is still pending and I still think the answer will be “no”. That will hurt the stock price A LOT when it comes through.

DFGEX is a good REIT and I expect it to continue to perform well. Anything under $10 is good.

Best of luck in your asset management and if you’re still in school, then study hard and play hard!


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About Beer Vestor

I like beer. I like free beer better. With this blog, I want to show you the process I use to get free beer. Follow along if you like but remember that this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! Nothing here is is to be taken seriously and if you lose money in your quest for free beer, it's 100% your own fault for following along with someone who is NOT AN INVESTMENT REGISTERED ANYTHING and who BUYS first and talks about it LATER!

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