Buy DFGEX Plus a Short Update

OK, this term is being a bit rough on me.

Still, it’s the beginning of the month and Mr Beerver has $100 to invest. He’ll be putting it into DFGEX at $10.00.

Let’s quickly review the portfolio now.

On the plus side, the European Commission put out an interim report that seemed favorable towards ISCO’s patent. Yay. I’m still not sure they’re going to be allowed to patent in the EU but they have a bit more of a chance now than a couple of months ago.

The share price is a mystery to me. Increasing revenues, promising Parkinson results out and a higher chance of patenting their cells yet the price crashed back down to 0.15.

Get it while you can, I say!

This is another stock that gets no respect. They were recently blasted by two articles written by fearmongers. The articles were successful and then some! The share price is now hanging around $3.30 and anything under $3.50 is a phenomenal deal.

While the two attack pieces came out, NNVC successfully scaled up their facilities and came up with a MERS-cide. I expect to hear news that the facility is complete in the next couple of months and I also expect news on Tox tests in the not-too-distant future. So what’s with the bargain prices!?

Huh… didn’t expect them to act as white-knight for another corporation. I don’t much care for that move but I still like Yamana Gold as a whole. Anything under $8 is a steal and anything under $9 is pretty good.

Mr Beerver likes the $1.35 in dividends he picked up last month! That paid his commission costs for this month.

And… I’m out of time!


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