How to Screw up and STILL Rock!

June has come. University’s tight leash is still upon me. I’ve had a great beer called Mugitarou from Tochigi Prefecture in Japan.

Mr Beerver has also been working hard and has saved $100 which he promptly invested in DFGEX, buying up another 10 shares at $10.14.

Now then, here’s something interesting…

Mr Beerver is up 47% since he started investing and yet, you’d never guess it by looking at his portfolio.

ISCO: flat. He’s lost the value of the comissions
NNVC: down 11%
AUY: down 18%
DFGEX: up 3%

Now, how can a portfolio be mostly down double-digits and STILL boast great returns!?

Luck, skill, discipline or a combination of the three would be the answer there.

OK, this table will be messy… very messy but until I get my computer fixed later this month, this is the best I can do:

Date Stock Action Price Shares Total Shares Cost Commission Profit/Loss
2013/10/3 ISCO BUY US$0.15 8000 8000 US$1,200.00 US$12.00
2014/1/9 ISCO SELL US$0.23 4000 4000 US$920.00 US$9.20 US$309.40
2014/1/9 AUY BUY US$9.10 56 56 US$509.60 US$5.10
2014/1/9 NNVC BUY US$4.91 104 104 US$510.64 US$5.11
2014/2/6 DFGEX BUY US$8.97 11 11 US$98.67 US$0.99
2014/2/12 AUY SELL US$10.26 20 36 US$205.20 US$2.05 US$20.65
2014/2/12 NNVC BUY US$3.36 32 136 US$107.52 US$1.08
2014/2/14 ISCO SELL US$0.22 1360 2640 US$299.20 US$2.99 US$91.09
2014/2/14 NNVC BUY US$3.11 96 232 US$298.56 US$2.99
2014/4/1 NNVC BUY US$3.20 31 263 US$99.20 US$0.99
2014/5/8 DFGEX BUY US$10.00 10 21 US$100.00 US$1.00
2014/6/2 DFGEX BUY US$10.14 10 31 US$101.40 US$1.01

Selling ISCO to diversify into NNVC and AUY was clearly a good move.

Later, selling AUY and more ISCO after a move up with no real news on the stocks to take advantage of a short-attack on NNVC was also short-term a good move.

So then… luck that AUY and ISCO had moved up combined with the skill to note that NNVC’s drop was the result of a short-attack and not because the company was going under in addition to the discipline required to move on this opportunity/risk.

In this case, the synergy of three factors: luck, skill and discipline are what helped save Mr Beerver’s portfolio. Hopefully Mr Beerver’s luck will hold out and see him through his lofty goals.

In the mean-time, I’ve uncovered some news on ISCO: The court will render their decision on the patentability of their cells on July 17th. It’s also interesting that an insider added a whole bunch of shares at 0.15 last week.


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