Wow, Silver took yet ANOTHER beating since last month. Mr Beerver is adding 6 new shares of SLV at 16.41$ to his portfolio, bringing his total to 12 shares.

Neato, it’s Mr Beerver’s 1st anniversary! NOW, the annualized figure on my results has some meaning! Oh no… it’s plummeted to a measely 15%! Worse! Mr Beerver’s LOST nearly 40$ this year with his investments!

I’d like to discuss the significance of these results but I’m short on time right now so it’ll have to be later!

ISCO is moving forward on its Parkinson research! Good.
NNVC is FINALLY starting it’s toxicology tests! Great!
AUY has had a nice surprise in it’s yearly results! Wonderful!
SLV has been manipulated so far down that’s it’s simply shocking.


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