BUY 87 units of NNVC at $2.57

Happy New Year!

Well, after last year’s sub-par results, Mr Beerver hopes to do better in 2015. To that end, he’ll be buying 87 units of NNVC at $2.57.

Their new lab is complete. NNVC has purchased it at cost from their leasor. They are awaiting the first tox results and getting ready to produce cides from their new lab. There are so many exciting things to look forward to here in 2015!


About Beer Vestor

I like beer. I like free beer better. With this blog, I want to show you the process I use to get free beer. Follow along if you like but remember that this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! Nothing here is is to be taken seriously and if you lose money in your quest for free beer, it's 100% your own fault for following along with someone who is NOT AN INVESTMENT REGISTERED ANYTHING and who BUYS first and talks about it LATER!

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