Wow, Silver took yet ANOTHER beating since last month. Mr Beerver is adding 6 new shares of SLV at 16.41$ to his portfolio, bringing his total to 12 shares.

Neato, it’s Mr Beerver’s 1st anniversary! NOW, the annualized figure on my results has some meaning! Oh no… it’s plummeted to a measely 15%! Worse! Mr Beerver’s LOST nearly 40$ this year with his investments!

I’d like to discuss the significance of these results but I’m short on time right now so it’ll have to be later!

ISCO is moving forward on its Parkinson research! Good.
NNVC is FINALLY starting it’s toxicology tests! Great!
AUY has had a nice surprise in it’s yearly results! Wonderful!
SLV has been manipulated so far down that’s it’s simply shocking.


Buying SLV

This month, we’re buying 6 shares of the silver ETF SLV at 18.41$.

Except for being overweight on individual stocks, our portfolio is now pretty well balanced.

We have:
19% Gold and Silver
60% Stocks

ISCO continues to be something of a mystery. Their sales growth last quarter was much less than I would have liked to see and they are about to completely run out of money any day now. Despite this dire circumstance, I still nothing about new financing AND a number of company insiders having buying up new shares. What do they know that I can’t see? Or are they trying to raise the price a few extra pennies before diluting everyone to hell with a new shelf offering?

Time will tell.

Buying Ventas Inc. (VTR)

This month, Mr Beerver will add another REIT to his portfolio: Ventas Inc. He’ll buy 2 shares at 63.66$.

ISCO never did reach 0.19 on the court decision boost. Too bad. They’d better have some good things to say in their upcoming quarterly report or they’ll be in trouble.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer, makes lots of cash at their part-time jobs and brushes up on their financial literacy!

ISCO Wins the Court Case!

ISCO appears to have won the right to patent its cells in Europe. This is a major victory and will likely show a price spike for it. I’d advise selling half of your ISCO holdings at 0.19 cents if it gets there as they’ll need to dilute their shares shortly despite the good news.

Mr Beerver has a Problem

OK, so another month has come round and Mr Beerver has another 100$ to invest… which he dumps into DFGEX again at 10.32$.

Now then, Mr Beerver has a rather serious problem. He’s supposed to be a believable college student who, with self-discipline and a good basic understanding of finance can achieve all of his goals. He’s supposed to represent an attainable image of what a college student could do with the right attitude and some fortitude.

The problem is that he is not in any way realistic and his performance is not easily replicable using a simple investing formula.

His handling of ISCO presents the problem clearly.

He identified a good company at a good price and bought in at 0.15. Being a bit of a cowboy, he went ALL IN! This is foolish by any standard.

Then, with a bit of luck and amazingly good timing, he got out near the highs at 0.22 and 0.23, making an absolutely outsized profit. Now however, still less than a year after his initial purchase, the stock is at 0.07 and may well go lower… even down to the 0.01 range if the court rules against ISCO in the next couple of weeks.

This is not the way any sensible college student would invest. This is fly-by-your-pants lunacy powered by high-volatility and requires way more extra study and thinking time than students actually have.

While I’ll continue posting about Mr Beever’s adventures, one of my main arguments, namely that any average person with a modicum of research and a strong investment model can perform well, has been shot down by the fact that Mr Beerver’s returns have NOT been based on his allocation of assets but rather based on his trading luck.

Food for thought and something I’ll be considering over the summer.

How to Screw up and STILL Rock!

June has come. University’s tight leash is still upon me. I’ve had a great beer called Mugitarou from Tochigi Prefecture in Japan.

Mr Beerver has also been working hard and has saved $100 which he promptly invested in DFGEX, buying up another 10 shares at $10.14.

Now then, here’s something interesting…

Mr Beerver is up 47% since he started investing and yet, you’d never guess it by looking at his portfolio.

ISCO: flat. He’s lost the value of the comissions
NNVC: down 11%
AUY: down 18%
DFGEX: up 3%

Now, how can a portfolio be mostly down double-digits and STILL boast great returns!?

Luck, skill, discipline or a combination of the three would be the answer there.

OK, this table will be messy… very messy but until I get my computer fixed later this month, this is the best I can do:

Date Stock Action Price Shares Total Shares Cost Commission Profit/Loss
2013/10/3 ISCO BUY US$0.15 8000 8000 US$1,200.00 US$12.00
2014/1/9 ISCO SELL US$0.23 4000 4000 US$920.00 US$9.20 US$309.40
2014/1/9 AUY BUY US$9.10 56 56 US$509.60 US$5.10
2014/1/9 NNVC BUY US$4.91 104 104 US$510.64 US$5.11
2014/2/6 DFGEX BUY US$8.97 11 11 US$98.67 US$0.99
2014/2/12 AUY SELL US$10.26 20 36 US$205.20 US$2.05 US$20.65
2014/2/12 NNVC BUY US$3.36 32 136 US$107.52 US$1.08
2014/2/14 ISCO SELL US$0.22 1360 2640 US$299.20 US$2.99 US$91.09
2014/2/14 NNVC BUY US$3.11 96 232 US$298.56 US$2.99
2014/4/1 NNVC BUY US$3.20 31 263 US$99.20 US$0.99
2014/5/8 DFGEX BUY US$10.00 10 21 US$100.00 US$1.00
2014/6/2 DFGEX BUY US$10.14 10 31 US$101.40 US$1.01

Selling ISCO to diversify into NNVC and AUY was clearly a good move.

Later, selling AUY and more ISCO after a move up with no real news on the stocks to take advantage of a short-attack on NNVC was also short-term a good move.

So then… luck that AUY and ISCO had moved up combined with the skill to note that NNVC’s drop was the result of a short-attack and not because the company was going under in addition to the discipline required to move on this opportunity/risk.

In this case, the synergy of three factors: luck, skill and discipline are what helped save Mr Beerver’s portfolio. Hopefully Mr Beerver’s luck will hold out and see him through his lofty goals.

In the mean-time, I’ve uncovered some news on ISCO: The court will render their decision on the patentability of their cells on July 17th. It’s also interesting that an insider added a whole bunch of shares at 0.15 last week.

Buy DFGEX Plus a Short Update

OK, this term is being a bit rough on me.

Still, it’s the beginning of the month and Mr Beerver has $100 to invest. He’ll be putting it into DFGEX at $10.00.

Let’s quickly review the portfolio now.

On the plus side, the European Commission put out an interim report that seemed favorable towards ISCO’s patent. Yay. I’m still not sure they’re going to be allowed to patent in the EU but they have a bit more of a chance now than a couple of months ago.

The share price is a mystery to me. Increasing revenues, promising Parkinson results out and a higher chance of patenting their cells yet the price crashed back down to 0.15.

Get it while you can, I say!

This is another stock that gets no respect. They were recently blasted by two articles written by fearmongers. The articles were successful and then some! The share price is now hanging around $3.30 and anything under $3.50 is a phenomenal deal.

While the two attack pieces came out, NNVC successfully scaled up their facilities and came up with a MERS-cide. I expect to hear news that the facility is complete in the next couple of months and I also expect news on Tox tests in the not-too-distant future. So what’s with the bargain prices!?

Huh… didn’t expect them to act as white-knight for another corporation. I don’t much care for that move but I still like Yamana Gold as a whole. Anything under $8 is a steal and anything under $9 is pretty good.

Mr Beerver likes the $1.35 in dividends he picked up last month! That paid his commission costs for this month.

And… I’m out of time!